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eMail Tracking Details

You may be aware that SPAMers can tell if you read their email.  How so?  They can only do so if the email has HTML in it that includes an invisible element that comes from a remote site.  Usually it is an image, that must be requested by the email client.  In brief, there is sufficient information gathered in the process to pinpoint you!  Moreover, this will include location and time.

As a result, any time the email is first seen, or later reviewed, printed or save the information is recorded.  Reading, printing or forwarding to someone else to open will all be captured.

Now for the bad news:  Anyone can easily subscribe to an easy to use tracking service, so, you might not know who might be doing this!  You will be vulnerable to tracking
UNLESS you set your email preferences to block downloading images.

Remember, friends often send you HTML format email and have nice company or organization LOGO in the title or signature that you really don't need to see.  For your security and to improve your "trust" of the world, you need to disable automatic downloading of images!

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