SmartDigitalConsulting LLC
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Frequently  Asked Questions

How much does it cost for IT services?
Internet technology services for businesses is $100/hour, and for home, $80/hourNo charge for estimates.   First time customer:  first half hour is free.  Billing is rounded up to nearest half hour. On site only in 25 mile radius from Somers, NY, 10589 at this time.  Restriction does not apply for remote-only service.
What are the charges for "other" services?
Contact us to inquire as there can be many factors.  In general, we aim for performing excellent service at reasonable cost.

Can I just inquire about my problem without committments?
Certainly, better to call and discuss your needs. It won't cost you anything to ask for insights and advice and estimates are free.
Do I have to subscribe to have services?
Absolutely not.  You only commit to pay when we agree to do something.

Pro Bono service?
We are open to special circumstances.  Feel free to contact us with your special needs. 
Remote Support Available?
Due to security concerns, we discourage using remote access.  However, the problem might be solved via a phone call, so, try that!
My computer is dead ... what might I expect?
We can repair it, or better yet, if so indicated, can guide you for replacing it.  Meanwhile, it is likely we can retrieve most important things (excepting the installed software) from the old system and transfer current personal content to the replacement.

Is Tutoring Available?
Certainly, contact us for more information.