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The smart one is you ... for choosing to get help from us so you can help yourself!

SmartDigitalConsulting LLC
The smart one is you ... for choosing to get help from us so you can help yourself!

Problem Solutions

Windows Live Mail does not allow user to open attachment with already configured default program! On Start Menu Search, enter "default".  Default Apps opens, wherein you can associate a file type or protocol with the program best suited.

A workaround would be to save the attachment into an appropriate folder, then using Windows Explorer, locate the file and open it.
I want to perform a printer test!  Where is the button? Access "Devices and Printers" in the Control Panel:  On the listed printer, right-click and choose Printer Properties then click it to get the "Print Test Page" button.
When I open it seems to take a long time to load, especially in the mornings.  How can I speed this up? You are opening the base page with new articles, including a large number of slideshow pictures.  If you are in a hurry, open instead.  Otherwise, click the full site and go check that coffee!

Install AdBlock in your browsers to speed up page loading.
I have heard that emails sent to me might be somehow tracked!  That simply opening  such emails might be known by the sender, including where I am, etc.  Is this possible? Yes it is becoming a worrysome problem.  Your first strategy will be to adjust your email client to not download pictures from an external site.  Read our section on Tracking.  Your next step will be to contact us for a comprehensive explanation and visit to secure your systems.  Don't ignore this problem... it is growing!
I configured my gmail accout in Outlook, however not all emails are appearing in the inbox! Google has optimized their email server wherein there is no reliable accounting for client inbox management when a user has two or more clients.  Open the  "Change the E-mail Account" dialog and modify the username to include a metatag:  e.g., becomes
What is the preferred "local"
backup system for my Windows PC?
Download and install AOMEI backup from here.  It is a free program, that can be obtained directly from CNET.  Use can use Google to search for this phrase: CNET AOMEI and download, install. Use this link:  Click Here

Obtain a 2TB or larger backup drive, preferably SSD.  Insure that the drive is stored "off-site" between backups.

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