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Welcome to our website!  Our mission is to help people deploy and use technology for their purposes. This can entail a wide number of categories, including:

Computer system build, installation, and support - PC, MAC and Unix platforms
     We can recommend and install equipment to comply with your needs, whether for business, media services, hosting, or simply entertainment.  Support is done according to a contractual agreement or "by the hour".  Experiencing a slow or virus infested system?  We can correct any problem, while at the same time we educate you as to how we do it so you acquire independence and expertise in maintaining your system.

Network Support
     Whether it is a home or business network, there are critical factors to insure security, privacy, compliance and performance, including all aspect of hardware in the infrastructure .  We can help you make the affordable, intelligent choices that will future-proof your investment and exceed your expectations.

Technology Education
     If you need lessons in general computer use, navigating the worldwide web or using a program, we can patiently guide you and make you feel in control. 

Configuration Support
    We can build a custom system for you or recommend existing choices that fit your budget and expectations!  Your installation data is all yours.  We coordinate with you to build an open data sheet of all licenses, installation parameters, software challenge questions/answers, userids/email and passwords, subscription data, and full listings of all interdependent requirements, including dependencies on which payment methods are pended, etc.  With this information, the client has full control of the process and is not at the mercy of third party support.

Disaster Recovery
     We recommend and install economical solutions for insuring that your computer system is recoverable after any catastrophic loss.  This includes making disk image backups and employing cloud services where indicated that guarantee recoverability.

Application Creation and Customization
     Complete inter-disciplinary solutions for your unique systematic needs.  If the solution exists commercially, we recommend it.  On the other hand, if needed we can create software to solve your needs.  No problem is too big or too small!

Hardware Solutions
     Our electrical engineer and systems consultants can create custom hardware for whatever challenge comes our way.  Examples are custom smart audio channel switchers, home security and automation devices.  Includes setup of TV and media devices with networking integration.  DIN Rail wiring systems are used to provide your installation with a "explicitly" open design that exactly matches the schematic template provided.  This insures that our installation is supportable in the future by any competent engineering or technical service you may choose.

Smart and Secure Home or Business
     Automatic, comprehensive control of site lighting and device control.  Remote control of your heating and cooling with smart thermostats with mobile monitoring and control.  Video monitoring of your site with durable cloud backup insures that you can investigate real time and months old events as needed.

Mobile Device Services
     Get the maximum benefit from your mobile devices.  Experience the freedom of accessing private date securely, controlling devices and systems in your home and office.

Remote Support
     In addition with the above-described services, you can insure your business gets immediate service support when problems arise.  Remote desktop support and easy to reach telephone support are always available.

What else?
     Feel free to discuss your special needs.  Contact us!

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