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Windows 10 Update Problems

Many people are experiencing boot-up problems after comprehensive updates are applied to their system.  In short, the Hard Drive (or SSD) gets a modification performed to the reserved System Area wherein intrinsic boot logic is moved to that area.  The most reliable way to recover from failure would be image the main drive now as restoration insurance.

A great backup program that is presently free (not a trial version), is:
AOMEI Backupper StandardFollow this link to install your own free copy and make full system backups to an external hard drive.  We are here to help you protect your investment and peace of mind at minimal cost if you like.
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MacBook Pro Users

Operating your investment without backup is ridiculous.  Many backup choices exist, however, a lowest cost option is to buy a backup USB external drive, format it to APFS and connect it for Time Machine backup.  It does not have to be continuously connected.  One may choose to unload it during the day and only connect it at night or just a few times a week depending on activity.